It is probably no coincidence that the Argentinian Isabel Carafi, born in Buenos Aires, decided to settle in Trieste in 1999 after several wanderings . In fact, her eclecticism and experimentation with various artistic techniques – painting, sculpture, photography, installations up to the most recent digital art – well combine with the multicultural vocation of Trieste where the mixture of people, characters and ideas has always created a fertile ground for artists.
A city of strong contrasts, norhern outpost in the Mediterranean, and at the same time rigorous and playful as the paintings of Carafi.
The most recent works are architectural, almost dreamlike representations of coloured palaces and skyscrapers without human presence, existing only because designed and built by man.
Her paintings, starting from 2010 with the urban landscapes, highlight a continuous contrast between nature and artifice: twisted visions of buildings and bodies in continuous movement seen from unprecedented angles.
Here emerges the rhythm of the Argentine tango that can not but be present in her blood.
With her pictorial works, full of undefined bodies vanishing in coloured backgrounds, she wants to teach us that there are no gender distinctions.
Perhaps a way of going beyond boundaries back to her experience as an emigrant, a form of transcendence that is an essential characteristic of every true artist.

Arch Barbara Fornasir – TRIESTE